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Message to the Founding Congress of Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada


Dear Comrades,

We express congratulations with delight and from the core of our heart to the founding congress, all members and supporters of your party, on the successful conclusion of several years of your struggle for founding a Revolutionary Communist Party, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party, in Canada. We strongly wish that your Congress will be held successfully, and progress in a serious and principled manner towards its goals.

Dear Comrades,

Canada is one of the imperialist countries and a member of “Group 8”—imperialist club. After Russia, Canada is the largest imperialist country in terms of territory. Furthermore, Canadian imperialists are considered very close political, economic and military partners of American imperialists. The founding of a Revolutionary Communist Party, a workers vanguard party, in such a country is great news for the entire revolutionary and working masses all over the world.

The founding of a Revolutionary Communist Party in Canada is for the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, also important and is happy news for another special reason also. At this very moment the armed forces of Canadian imperialists are a major part of the imperialist invading and occupying forces in Afghanistan. In the past few months, a Canadian general has been in command of all NATO occupying forces in Afghanistan. In the same period, Canadian forces, and other forces under the command of this general have committed a mass murder of civilian population in Kandahar province and have killed thousands of women, men and children and have wounded thousands more. The devastation as a result of bombardments, rocket and canon fires are so vast and immeasurable that all the residents of two districts in Kandahar province, Panjwai and Zheri, whose population is about three hundred thousand, have been effected in one way or another. We believe that the echoes of your Party’s expositions of these imperialist crimes would ignite a huge mass resistance in the imperialist bastion, and would play contribute to the revolutionary and proletarian struggle in Canada.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan wishes to have a close link and a strong relationship with your party. Proletarian internationalism would be and has been our guide in creating and strengthening such a relationship. Such a relationship between your party and our supporters in Canada has already been established and we expect that this relationship should be strengthened more than before, expanded and continued. However, we think this kind relationship alone is not enough. The requirements of proletarian internationalism and the needs of mutual struggles demand from us that we should increase the levels of relationship between the two parties.

Once again, we congratulate you and all the revolutionary communists all over the world for organizing your congress and the founding of a Revolutionary Communist Party in Canada!

Long Live International Communist Movement!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long Live proletarian internationalism!

Long Live Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada!


Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan     

November 2006