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Forward in Organising and Unleashing People's Resistance to Imperialist Aggression!

By the Communist Party of Afghanistan, 17 September 2001
Once again the suffering people and the grief-stricken country of Afghanistan are being subjected to imperialist invasion and occupation, this time under the pretext of the "war against terrorism". The U.S. imperialists have declared this a world-wide battle and intend to broadly unite the globe's other imperialists and reactionaries behind them.

The slogan of a "world-wide war against terrorism" is a big lie because it is raised by the biggest terrorist power in the world. The Yankees have been wounded in their own home and this wound, no matter who inflicted it, is painful, not only because of the scale of the damage and casualties, but especially because it has revealed to the masses of the world the general weakness of the system and the fragility of the edifice of imperialist world domination. That is why they shriek like a wounded beast and howl for bloody vengeance. In fact, they want to display their might in the most terrifying way and scare the people of the world so that their world-wide power and domination is not weakened. That is why their proclaimed "world-wide war against terrorism" will be one of the bloodiest imperialist state-terrorist campaigns, overall and in particular for Afghanistan.

Who organised and carried out the suicide actions in New York and Washington? Osama bin Laden and the gangs related to him have been declared suspect number one. But who is Osama? He is a product of the CIA. For years he was an open and obedient servant of the Yankees, and it is possible that even now he may be linked to a section or sections of the imperialist powers. The American imperialists themselves created, bred and trained this "great terrorist". The gangs connected to this "great mujahedin" have taken an active part in a series of the most terrifying and barbaric acts against the masses of Afghanistan, with the direct and indirect consent, encouragement and support of the American imperialists and their allies, who have built up these gangs to use them against our people and invade our country.

Who is being targeted for the same "severe repression" as the "terrorists" for having given them refuge? The Taliban regime tops the list. But who are the Taliban? U.S. imperialism & Co. pulled them out of the dark corners of mosques and religious schools to achieve their imperialist political and economic goals in Afghanistan and the region. It was this support that took the Taliban from begging at people's doors to the heights of power. During the years of their rule, these bestial terror-mongers have not shrunk from mass murder, killing thousands of people and forcibly displacing hundreds of thousands more under the pretext of suppressing opposition to their reactionary rule. Without a doubt, the very essence of their politics in relation to the masses of people, the toilers, women and oppressed nationalities, is horror and terrorism. Their gangs, whose self-proclaimed task is to "bring order to the good and discourage the bad", are a savage reflection of this horror and terror.

It is clear that imperialism's hand-picked servants are appreciated only as long as they are useful, and when their usefulness ends or their existence becomes bothersome for the masters, or when there are grounds to exchange them for better servants, they become worthless and lose the support of the masters or are even subjected to the master's rage. Mobuto, Suharto, Fujimori., etc., are among those obedient imperialist lackeys who, after years of serving their masters, lost their ability to perform their function in the face of the struggle of the masses, became useless, and were put aside. But Noriega of Panama, whose existence had become troublesome for the master, became a target of attack and was not only toppled from power but arrested and sent handcuffed to the U.S. for "trial". It is very likely that such a fate awaits Osama and Mullah Omar. The Taliban project in its entirety, including the establishment of the Osama-led gangs in Afghanistan, was meant to bring about the political stability desired by the U.S. imperialists and their allies in the country and pave the way for their influence in central Asia. But this project not only failed to bear fruit for the U.S. imperialists, it turned into its opposite and became not only a barrier to their influence in central Asia, but a nuisance for them altogether. That is why the Taliban and Osama lost U.S. support and now face the fury of their American masters -- not because this world-eating power is against terrorism and fright-mongering. Aren't the U.S. imperialists the number one supporter of Zionism and the occupying and fright-mongering state of Israel, one of the most blood-thirsty gangs of horror, terror, murder and plunder in the world? Why aren't Zionism and the state of Israel targets of U.S. imperialism's "world-wide war against terrorism"? It is clear that, far from being a target of the "war", they even comprise an important section of this war camp.

Further, the slogan of "Jihad against American blasphemy" raised by the Osama gang, and now repeated by the Taliban as well, is also a big lie and a great hypocrisy. The masses of Afghanistan have felt with their flesh and tasted with their lives the "fruits" and "benefits" of this "jihad against corruption and decadence". It is crystal clear that this "jihad" in Afghanistan against the invasion of "American blasphemy", even if it could be turned from an empty slogan into action, will yield no better result or fruit for the country and the people. What is more likely is that either these hand-picked servants will in one way or another strike a deal with their revered masters, or in the face of their aggression and invasion rapidly flee the field.

In this context, the desperate and gloomy condition of the reactionaries at war with the Taliban, that is the "Islamic state of Afghanistan" [the Northern Alliance - translator], who have recently become commander-less and "orphans", is disgusting and despicable. These lowly reactionaries have already been eating from the feed trough of Russia and India and their allies in the Afghanistan affair. Now they repeatedly declare that they are willing to serve the U.S. imperialist aggressors with the hope that like vultures they will get a piece of the corpse to eat.

In any event, there is a clear demarcation and contradiction between the interests of the people of Afghanistan, on the one hand, and on the other not only those of the U.S. imperialists and their imperialist and reactionary allies and the world imperialist system in general, but also the interests of the lackeys of the imperialists and the reactionary and dependent system.

It is the absolute right and responsibility of the people of Afghanistan to resist the invasion and occupation of the U.S. imperialists and their allies, just as it was to resist the invasion and occupation of the Soviet social-imperialists. But the nature of this right and responsibility puts them into contradiction with the imperialist lackeys, whether obedient or disobedient, including the [Taliban's] "Islamic Emirate". The experience of the war of resistance against Soviet social-imperialism must be studied more deeply and applied in the present situation.

The Communist Party of Afghanistan strongly condemns U.S. imperialism's threats of aggression and strongly resolves to stand against it if such an imperialist invasion and occupation takes place, and will strive to organise and unleash the people's resistance under the independent revolutionary banner as part of the world revolution. Only if this just cause becomes a material force and is increasingly strengthened and expanded can we advance the anti-U.S. imperialist war of resistance as a stage of People's War and the New Democratic Revolution in Afghanistan. A crucial condition of this cause is that "pan-Islamism" and the present ruling reactionary "theocracy", whether of the Taliban or non-Taliban variety, continue to be one of the main targets of the revolutionary struggles, and that the struggle against it be carried out in different forms. Otherwise, once again the precious blood of the masses will be wasted and the chains of oppression and slavery will remain intact.
Down with imperialism and reaction!
Hold high the banner of people's resistance against imperialist aggression!
Long live revolution, long live communism!
The Communist Party of Afghanistan is a participating party in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.