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Sholajawid # 28, editorial, Feb 2013.

We must be ready for a prolonged and tough resistance against the occupiers and their national traitor satraps

It has now become apparent that announcing the withdrawal of the occupying imperialist forces from Afghanistan at the end of 2014 is nothing more than a ludicrous drama that masks the continuation of the occupation and the rule of the national traitor puppet regime in a different form and shape. What is of essential and strategic importance here is the condition of the imperialist occupation and the rule of the puppet regime, not the formal changes in the legal aspects of this occupation. To a certain extent, these formal changes can only have tactical and sometimes operational significance.
It should not be forgotten that in the current epoch, and particularly in twenty first century, the legal forms and appearance of the past era of imperialism is over; therefore, imperialist occupations cannot have legal formality. It is based on this formal legal appearance that the imperialist occupiers, the puppet regime, and the international organizations serving the imperialists, deny the condition of the occupation and the puppet character of the regime. Therefore, instead of accepting the deceit of the legal appearance of the current condition we should see the bitter reality of the colonial condition of the country, concealed behind the deceptive legal masks, with realistic and open eyes and should be prepared for a prolonged and difficult fight.
The occupiers' and satraps' brawling and jangling over legal appearances play an important role, at least partially: the print and electronic media at their service immensely amplifies these tumults out of proportion, creating widespread hullabaloo for the purpose of shaping public opinion in their favor.
The current uproar around providing or not providing legal immunity to the imperialist occupying forces, particularly the American forces, that would remain in Afghanistan after 2014 are the latest attempts of the imperialist occupiers and the national traitors towards this end.
What is of principal importance is maintaining the strategic military bases of the occupiers in the country after 2014. Regardless of the legal appearance of these bases, it would not mean anything other than the continuation of the condition of occupation in Afghanistan. This objective reality will impose its laws despite all legal appearances, even if it happens that the occupying forces are not granted judicial immunity. For many years, after all, night operations and house searches were being conducted by the occupying forces despite the apparent opposition of the puppet regime.
If the occupiers are unable to find so-called legal venues for maintaining strategic military bases in the country, in collaboration with their satraps, they can employ other cunning political methods. In Iraq, for example, when the American imperialist occupiers could not reach an agreement regarding the judicial immunity of the American forces with their Iraqi satraps, the Americans were able to continue their occupation of the country through leaving 15000 of their military personnel under the auspices of protecting their embassy. Recently they were able to utilize their strategic agreement with the Iraqi regime for the purpose of intervening in the Syrian conflict, deploying new forces in that country.
But now it has become apparent that the capitulation of the puppet regime in Afghanistan knows no limit. Unlike the puppet regime in Iraq, the regime in this country barely struggles against the possibility of the judicial immunity of the American occupying forces; it is despicably disgraceful to the extent that it does not worry about legal appearances and is getting ready to openly grant such immunity to the American occupying forces. Bargaining that is going on for a while now between the masters and their servants, and which would possibly continue for a few months, is not over the real issue but it is over the price these political prostitutes will attach to the motherland.
This is an illusion to say that the occupiers have been defeat in the country. Raising such illusions will seriously harm the entire resistance against the occupiers and their satraps and will create and strengthen caputulationist attitudes among the resistance––indeed, such attitudes are already emerging.
There is no doubt that the imperialist occupiers will withdraw a big section of their forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014 in order to transform their war into an "inter-afghan" war. A concrete examination of the concrete situation––of the country, the region and the world––should demonstrate that the Yankees are far from being defeated in Afghanistan.  This fact is clear if we examine the situation of the American imperialists and their allies, according to these central three elements: i) the profound and extensive readiness of the puppet regime and its social basis for accepting the most open and shameless servitude, capitulation and treason; ii) the extreme social, gender and national limitations of the reactionary Islamist resistance and the hopefulness of the occupiers and their satraps in finally dragging this partial and historically ineffectual resistance towards compromise and capitulation; iii) the excessive weakness of the revolutionary peoples' national resistance in the country.
Therefore, the battlefield should not be surrendered and we should get ready to carry forward a prolonged and difficult resistance, centered on preparing to launch a revolutionary people’s war of national resistance. The excessive weakness of the revolutionary and people’s national resistance against the imperialist occupiers and national traitor satraps can only— and must—be eliminated and transformed into strength. All other endeavors and methods of struggle would be incorrect, ineffective and doomed to failure.