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Communist Party of Peru

"In the social struggle, the forces representing the advanced class sometimes suffer from a failure, but not because their ideas are incorrect, but that in the correlation of forces in struggle, advanced forces are not so powerful so far as the reactionary and thus fail temporarily, but will reach eventually provided successes. " Chairman Mao Tsetung

  1. The Communist Party of Peru with deep sense of class welcomes the 35th anniversary of the People's War in Peru: the most important revolutionary political movement of Peruvian history until today. Unerringly guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, fair and properly addressed by the Party under the Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and struggling under Guerrilla Army built hundreds of People's Committees in the three quarters of the country forming the People's Republic New Democracy movement whose impact exceeded the borders and was recognized as the beacon of the world revolution.

Its inception, resulted in an international conjuncture of defense and maintaining world proletarian revolution, burning struggle of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist in the world; and national development of popular protest against more than a decade of military dictatorship, which is intended to contain with electioneering constitutional illusions; in a revolutionary situation developing in which the Communist Party was prepared with a recognized authority as Chairman Gonzalo and a group of proven leaders with a general political line that set the course of the class struggle, with a militancy and a job Mass deeply cohesive ideology and party politics, that is, with a party of a new type ready in a favorable condition and international public opinion in favor also of Marxism and the socialist revolution; its beginning, a start from scratch, the ILA 80 was a resounding success and is a great history lesson for all revolutionaries.
In just two years, the people's war with the support of the masses, mainly peasants, poor, spent his development covering the area of add-city primary field and in the three regions. Development in a decade always maintained political and military initiative and reached the strategic balance, having defeated all the reactionary plans counterinsurgency war that sought to drown the revolution in blood.
Stage where Father Gonzalo developing their thinking solidly based his thesis that Maoism is a new, third and higher stage of Marxism, great contribution to the communists of the world, taken by then living Revolutionary Internationalist Movement as a whole. Stage in which the PCP reached its highest prestige as militarized party that ran his own construction, EGP and the new power: the RPND in training and shaping the hope of transforming the centuries of oppression of the class and the people in glaring democratic revolution. Stage in which the political consciousness of the masses reached its highest development, organized as militants, fighters and activists in the three instruments of the revolution.
Stage but left bloody and dramatic rich revolutionary experience, valuable and numerous positive and negative lessons heroes, men and women of the class and the people who accompany us with his beautiful example of struggle to transform the oppression and exploitation in a system more fair and equal for the broad popular masses and socialism.

  1. Because of the insufficient development of the new forces, the PCP lived a strategic shift in its process: a problem of political leadership of the war with the arrest of the Headquarters and its leaders. The war came to an end objectively and Fr. Gonzalo from his prison policy took the initiative to ask for talks to achieve a peace agreement that put an end to the war waged between May 17 1980 and September 1992, unfortunately your request not He flourished in opposition to the incumbent government and the new right opportunist line that usurped the party leadership saying they would take power. It never reached any agreement and the Party assumed the new grand strategy to move from political struggle with weapons to fight without weapons policy proposal by Father Gonzalo, within which the Party is struggling to overcome defeat and developed amid the class struggle of the masses.


  1. A 35-year term beginning and 23 of the People's War and the arrest of September 92, the armed group of vegetal VRAEM outside reality, isolated from the masses and traffics in the name of the Party, becoming an ideology Full bourgeois madness. The reactionary state unleashed a repressive policy with killings, trials and imprisonment for life quite opposing a political solution, general amnesty and national reconciliation, leaving unsolved the outstanding issues of war: thousands of children of the people, peasants, workers, students , small traders, disappeared without anyone to care for them being obligation of the state to find them and deliver them to their relatives; thousands of families not knowing where they are or to give them a respectful burial; thousands of revolutionaries and communists sentenced to draconian sentences of 20-35 years and up to life imprisonment, of which there are still 300 political prisoners, including three former leaders who have completed his 25 year sentence and whom the state has made them new cases to impose life imprisonment as Fr. Gonzalo and c. Miriam; Thousands of freed prevented from working in teaching and other public entities have been harassed by denying prisoners the fundamental right of the incorporation of the prisoner into society, thus ignoring the purpose of the sentence; chasing who assume the constitutional right to participate in political life of the country with freedom of thought that the law allows; and even imprisoning lawyers, harassing the children, demanding payment of huge civil damages; forbidding even giving their democratic freedom also remains true to the historical memory of the revolutionary and not only the memory of the state and government bodies such as the Truth Commission; in addition to dozens of exiles abroad, prevented from returning. All this for the systematic political persecution that has imposed the state and the Peruvian reaction to communists, revolutionaries and Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, Gonzalo Thought extending it to all progressive, democratic and people in general who disagrees or fight against the capitalist regime.

Panorama undemocratic tax oppose the political solution, general amnesty and national reconciliation that the people, the nation and the Peruvian society demand and need, and that adds to the anti-people policies of the government of Ollanta Humala right advocates on behalf of the great Peruvian bourgeoisie pro-imperialist, mainly Yankee, whose new primitive accumulation plan is met with an economic and political crisis as a result of capitalism drives, creating the intensification of the contradiction: people-capitalism in the context of general elections and long slow global economic recovery that has been antagonizing inter-imperialist contradictions for the redivision of the world, creating three fronts: the Middle East, the hottest day; in Europe itself with Ukraine not yet resolved; and the chief of Asia, fronts showing increasingly clear budding bipolarity between the United States and China.

  1. The prospect of PCP in this fourth stage of political struggle without arms is presented encouraging considering that the masses clean not fight and who seek to represent them turning their hopes to the Party, the only body that can give class the course of their struggles towards the revolution and socialism.

However, the Party must persist in the struggle for freedom of all its leaders, activists and masses; You should also have overcome the imbalance to continue its reconstitution starting cohere in the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, the new general political line and divisive fight revisionism that siding with the reaction wants to destroy He is attacking the Party Headquarters in prison; while developing its political struggle in the midst of the class struggle of the masses and the service of proletarian internationalism; only then it will become party of a new type and fulfill its role opposing the revolution to predatory war that imperialism is preparing to solve its crisis and divide the world.

MAY 17, 2015