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Actively Participate in the Campaign and Conference in Support of the Peoples War in India!

On November 24, 2012 an international conference is being held in Hamburg Germany as part of a week long international campaign in support of the people’s war in India. Currently, the peoples war in India, led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is the most advanced revolutionary movement in the world. It is increasingly becoming a beacon of hope for the entire revolutionary forces around the world.

The Indian state is usually being celebrated by its reactionary bourgeois proponents as the “largest democracy” in the world. It is presented as a model for other imperialist-dominated countries. But this largest of bourgeois democracies is a true hell on earth for the hundreds of millions of the Indian masses. This celebrated largest of bourgeois democracies, and a success story of capitalist development, is also the hungriest country in the world. More then two million children are dying of hunger and malnutrition every year. Thousands of poor and hopeless peasants commit suicide.

The masses of people in this country are suffering from a labyrinth of class, patriarchal, national and caste oppression. Even slave-relations exist in this country. The women in India are suffering from a brutal maze of patriarchal social oppression. Female infanticide, sexual slavery, and the lot of 40 million Indian widows are just a few examples of it. No doubt that this hell on earth for hundreds of million of the masses, “the wretched of the earth,” is a heaven for a tiny minority of the super rich.

It should be noted that the reactionary Indian state besides presiding over a system of “trickle up economy” which is oppressing and sucking the blood of the Indian masses is also an important regional and global player in maintaining and upholding the capitalist imperialist system. The US imperialists outsource its policies to it. It has the role of regional and international frontline enemy of the revolutions of the neighboring countries like Nepal. In Afghanistan it has a supporting role for the US led western occupation. Now with its strategic agreement with the Karzai puppet regime, the reactionary Indian state is playing the role of the main regional supporter of the puppet regime. Thus given its particular regional and international role, the Indian state is also an enemy of the peoples of the region.

The Maoist led peoples war is advancing towards tearing down the walls of the old society and moving towards leading a new democratic revolution and socialist revolution there and building a better and more humane alternative. In the words of Manmohan Singh, the helmsman of the reactionary Indian state, the Maoist led people’s war has become “the main internal enemy” of the Indian state, as it is giving huge blows to this machine of exploitation, violence and oppression.

It should be emphasized that the struggle of the oppressed masses in India is part of the international struggle of the workers and oppressed masses of the world against semi-feudalism, capitalism and imperialism. It is part, and now the most advanced edge, of the struggle for new democracy, socialism and communism. 

Thus the revolutionaries around the world should stand beside the masses of India and extend their internationalist solidarity to their struggle.

Let us also use this moment to affirm our resolve in struggling for the formation or reorganization of a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist international organization. In the existence of our international organization we consistently and effectively lead such internationalist campaigns. We all remember the campaign in defense of Chairman Gonzalo as a prominent example of revolutionary international campaign. It is during such moments that we can observe the damaging consequences of the deviationist lines that emerged within RIM that led to its current paralysis.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan strongly supports the campaign and conference in support of the people’s war in India. It calls on émigré units of its supporters and other Afghanistani Maoists, especially in Europe, to actively participate and contribute to this campaign and conference.

Long Live the Peoples War in India!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan